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Business Law

Operating a business is exciting and challenging. There are times when the business is generating its own cash and other times when the business is in need of cash.

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Employment Law

Our team is ready to represent you in a myriad employment issues; whether the case finds itself in state court, federal court, or before administrative tribunals.

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Administrative Law

Administrative Agencies operate in a realm of their own which is foreign to most businesses & professionals. We are comfortable in that realm & can help you find your way.

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Estate Planning

Everyone needs to plan for what happens when they are gone. It's important for your family, children, & friends regardless of your wealth. We personalize estate planning.

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What are you looking for in a business or employment attorney?

We believe the most important thing is an attorney who will give you the straight, unvarnished truth about your legal predicament. Someone who will counsel you and advise you on how to proceed in a way that will maintain your bottom line and give you a economic solution to your problems.

Sometimes that involves negotiation; sometimes it involves mediation or arbitration; sometimes we can’t avoid litigation. But our goal is to give you an economic legal solution to your problem.

Sometimes we have people come in and say, “We want a barracuda!”, or “We want someone who is not going to take any prisoners and implement a scorched earth approach to litigation and legal matters.”

That’s not us.

We believe in being assertive for our clients, but we do it with civility and integrity. We do this in our dealings with the court, with other attorneys, with opposing sides and with our own clients.

Because we have found that in the long run the best solution is one that is obtained using honesty and integrity and matter of fact dealings with people in an honest way.

Sometimes our clients come to us and they’ve been wronged. Sometimes they come to us because they have done something wrong. But regardless of the rightness or wrongness of our clients actions, we believe it’s our role to help you find the most economical solution to your legal problems.

In fact we have a habit of saying, “It’s our business to take the headache out of business and employment issues!”

We want our clients to win in business and their personal finances. That means helping clients manage the legal issues in business and their personal estate planning.

We advocate for our clients ethically and vigorously by providing straightforward and honest analysis and advice on their legal issues.

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